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A Tale of Two Cats Part One

The Black Cat

In my novel, Micheal McIver builds a robot cat to please his wife Melissa. She is allergic to #cats. So am I. But I do love cats. Not that I have a cat of my own. But I do have one that visits me. At least it used to be only one - a black cat.

IT wasn't that long ago when Black Jack had the run of the place. He could lie in the sun, meander through the garden, curl up on the door mat or sleep in an old cane chair.

Black Jack was carefree and fancy free!

The best thing this cat liked to do, was to jump onto the back gate. This was his spot!

And soon he'd be ready to retire to his favourite hiding place.

But first of all he'd check to see if all was clear...

..and then he'd jump onto the side wall of the shed.

Clambering upwards he'd go, through the gap under the gutter.

Going...... Going..... Gone!

And into the roof where Black Jack could snooze all day in the warmth of the ceiling's insulation.

All was well, until one day, .....

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