Shadow on Concrete Wall

A Cat Among the McIvers

A pedagogical love story!

A robot, a wife and an artist—was this too much for Michael to handle?

 Michael was happy for a time—until Julieta Venturi disrupted his simple life.  Set in schools and universities, this is a story of love won and lost.  

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“Thoroughly enjoyed the read from start to finish - kept me engaged all the way!”  - Marion

“I'm thoroughly enjoying his book. John has a lovely way of writing and his descriptions are fantastic. I LOVED the book!”   - Ruth

“I am so enjoying reading the book! But what strikes me is what an eye for detail John has. And that he can articulate this in an interesting manner. All so funny.”   - Margaret

This is an amusing tale of a man, his robotic cat and a free-spirited artist.

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A pet robot, an ambitious wife and a wild, free-spirited artist—was this too much for Michael McIver to handle?

After twelve years of married life in Melbourne, Melissa had persuaded Michael that they should move to Perth, Western Australia to rejuvenate their lives. Michael wanted to be a father. ‘But not yet Michael,’ she told him.  And so, Michael took up a hobby instead; robotics. If this was a substitute for fatherhood, then it did keep Michael busy and happy for a time—until Julieta Venturi, a free-spirited artist and academic lecturer disrupted his simple life.

Set in the polarizing web of educational institutions in Australia, this is an amusing story of conflicts in the workplace; of friends and lovers and how forgiveness enabled true love.