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Praise for my book!

Praise for A Cat Among the McIvers

I am so enjoying reading the book!

But what strikes me is what an eye for detail that John has. And that he can articulate this in an interesting manner. And it is so relatable and so funny.

Have got the afternoon free to sit in a clean house and continue reading 🍷👍


I'm thoroughly enjoying his book.

John has a lovely way of writing and his descriptions are fantastic.

Looks like he has a new career!


Oh, I do love a good ending. Such a satisfying way to finish. 😁 Thoroughly enjoyed the read from start to finish - kept me engaged except for when I really had to drag myself away to mop the floor or put out a load of washing or do something equally mundane. And it kept me wondering. Couldn’t quite tell until the last page or so how poor old Michael was going to end up. Thanks for the pleasurable read.


Just finished the book and I was left with a lovely warm feeling.

Thank you John I LOVED your book!


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